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    Started as in the Netherlands, is working hard to become the largest global network of careers, internships, and freelance work in sustainability. In the past few years, the global call for talent in sustainability has been rising with double digits every year. Based on multiple sources, the demand for labor in sectors that are sustainability-related will keep growing in the next ten years. tries to help companies find new candidates in what is already a tight labor market. The expectation is that the shortage of talent will only increase in the next few years, not only due to rising demand but also thanks to demographics in many Western countries like the United States, Germany, France, and certain parts of Europe.

    How did we start Sustainablejobs? 

    Sustainablejobs was founded in 2021 during the COVID lockdowns in the Netherlands. We changed our blog on climate, energy transitions, and sustainability to a job board, with a focus on both internships and careers in sustainability. In the first few years, our main focus was the Dutch and Belgian market. In 2023, we launched our international network with, where we focus on remote, international, and USA-based jobs, careers, and internships in sustainability.

    Why post a job on 

    Finding candidates is already hard enough. Even for big corporations, it can be immensely difficult to attract enough candidates for open positions. You have to do a little bit more to stand out as an employer. Only posting a job on a platform like ours is not enough. More important is the appearance of your organization, the company’s mission, and the team. We help companies achieve these things all at once. Not only do we care about the job description and company logo, but we also care about giving potential candidates as much information as possible. You can consider as a marketing tool for your employer branding and recruitment strategy.

    We are a marketing tool for your recruitment strategie

    Having an audience, a strong employer brand, and a professional recruitment strategy is immensely important to attract the right talent. However, only a small minority of businesses, startups, and organizations in sustainability have one (or all) of these three requirements. That is where the network of Sustainablejobs comes into play. We work very hard each day to build an audience of (potential) job seekers in your area (sustainability, climate, energy transitions, animal well-being, social justice, etc.). If you are a small company or just need more reach, then publishing a job in our network is the right way to go!